Aims & Objectives

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  • To improve the spirit of fraternity among the members.

  • To represent, promote and protect the service interests of the members.

  • To promote the profession of Biomedical Engineering / Clinical Engineering / Healthcare Technology Management.

  • To infuse self-confidence in the Biomedical Engineers and encourage them to improve upon their morale.

  • To guide the members in discharging their duties without fear or favor in order to enhance the prestige of the members and the profession.

  • To guide the members in accurately representing the level of responsibility, authority, experience, knowledge and education.

  • To share knowledge & experience among the members.

  • To arrange technical lectures, seminars, courses, conferences, workshops, trainings, internships, fellowships etc., to enrich the knowledge of members.

  • To promote excellence in Healthcare Technology Management in Tamilnadu Government Healthcare Delivery Institutions.

  • To promote safe and effective application of medical devices to patient care.

  • To strive and prevent a patient from being placed at risk of injury due to dangerous or defective medical devices.

  • To work towards improving the delivery of health care to all who need it.

  • To establish & conduct medical equipment maintenance awareness and training programs every year to promote the importance of medical equipment maintenance and its effects on the overall health delivery in the health system, among the health care professionals like doctors, nurses, engineers, technicians, administrative staffs etc.,

  • To train the equipment end users like doctors, nurses on proper application of medical devices.

  • To improve the morale of medical equipment maintenance among the health care professionals.

  • To propose ways and means to improve the efficiency of medical equipment management.

  • To promote optimum utilization of medical equipment & containment of costs without compromising patient safety and care.

  • To develop & propose protocols, policies, procedures, strategies, action plans etc., for the streamlined & professional management of medical equipment.

  • To achieve due and rightful place for the Biomedical Engineers among the healthcare professionals, administration, society & health community as a whole.

  • To bring international best practices in the area of Biomedical Engineering / Clinical Engineering / Healthcare Technology Management to Tamilnadu Government Health Delivery Institutions.

  • To develop, organize, conduct & coordinate internships, fellowships, observerships, workshops & training programs for the younger generation of Biomedical Engineers who are looking for a career or further education in Biomedical Engineering / Clinical Engineering / Healthcare Technology Management.

  • To establish professional contacts with local, national & internationals bodies that shares similar interests of the association.

  • To develop & propose State Health Technology Policy to be incorporated in the Tamilnadu State Health Policy.

  • To deal with such other matters as shall be decided by the Governing Body and General Body of the Association from time to time as found necessary in the interest and welfare of the members, the health system of the Government and especially patient care and safety.

Aims & Objectives of the Association are